Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012

The end of the SEMESTER but not for EDUBLOGGING.

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Blogging! what is it all about???
The first time that our teacher told us that we're going to do blogging I was shock. Literally shock! Why???  cause I don't know where to start, what to write, and so on. It's not that it was new to me but It's not my forte, I'm not a good writer at all. But then I try.

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The first topic assign to us is Endocrinology. At first, we need to start with the books or some trusted sites. I read about the topic, get the main idea then construct my own blog. One rule in blogging is "PLAGIARISM IS NOT ALLOWED". When you copy you cannot call it "MINE" cause you didn't work hard for it. 

At first, I was thinking that "I need to create my blog so I could have a grade", but as time passed the thought of having grades was replaced by enjoyment. I enjoy blogging, and I also learn from it. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and sharing it to others. From reading books I gain new knowledge, from writing I can practice my own grammar and in reporting blog I gain CONFIDENCE.

Though it's the end of the semester, I could say that IT IS NOT YET THE END FOR BLOGGING. Thanks to Mrs. Virginia Gaces who inspired us and help us in these. 

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Holly Jahangiri ayon kay ...

Hi! Ma'am G sent me. :) This is a topic near and dear to my heart (I'm an author) and I feel I must correct any misunderstandings that may arise from that graphic - it's NOT okay in the US, either!! Plagiarism can get you expelled, fired, and generally destroy your reputation.

Anyway, glad to see you rose to the challenge of blogging, and I hope you remember this "can-do" spirit any time you're faced with something you THINK you're not good at. :)

Proton Biologicals ayon kay ...

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